Inspiration, Take Three

Hi, my name is Jill…and I’m a Handout Hoarder…

  • Do you find yourself losing track of paperwork?  
  • Do handouts seem to grow legs and walk out of your classroom with the dismissal bell?  
  • Do you end up searching your electronic computer files for hours looking for the most updated version of your English test, yet it’s nowhere to be found?  
  • Do you own several thumb drives, all of which have different versions of your lesson plans?  
  • Are you starting to swim in paperwork, find yourself praying for the defenseless trees you’ve axed as a result of saving ‘class sets’?

If you answered “yes” to any of the following questions, this inspiration is for you!

Handout Hoarders, be gone!

I took some time this summer to reorganize my filing cabinet.  After not even a decade of teaching, I have enough paperwork and course files to fill a warehouse!  So I decided to take charge of my mess.  I went through all of my folders, both hard copy and electronic alike, and coordinated them.  (Yes, this is apparently the time I have on my hands PRE-baby…lol).  I made binders for each of the novels I’ve taught, organizing the paperwork into a flowable lesson plan for future use or reference.

Dang, it feels good to be an organized teacher!

As the GP school year approaches, I challenge you to sort through old files, see what untouched gems you have hiding in there.  You might as well pitch the dated stuff because GP is all about life in the here-and-now.  I promise you’ll get a few laughs at some of the old work you put together during those first days of teaching (‘…and I seriously thought I knew what I was doing?!’), but you will also spark some ideas for the coming school year too (‘oh!  I forGOT about this one!  This is such an amazing activity and it would totally work with GP!’).

Do it…take on the beast of re-organizing…I dare you!

Collaboratively Yours,


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