Baby Willow has ARRIVED!!

Hello, GP friends!

This is rather “off-task” of me, but I thought I’d share a non-GP-related bit of information…

Baby Willow has arrived!!

Born August 17th, 2012 (her due date!)
7 pounds, 9 ounces
21 3/4 inches
100% adorable

Eat your hearts out, world…here I am!!!!

High Fashion 😉

Just Born: August 17th, 2012…my due date! Mommy was born on her due date too. We are punctual people, we Pavich’s!

It sounds like everyone’s school year is off to a great start.  Please keep me “posted” on your GP experiences…anything that worked for you, didn’t work, new ideas you designed that work well, etc.

Also, ANY posts you’d like to see me write in the near future, PLEASE don’t hesitate to email me your requests and I will fulfill them as they flow in!  My email is:

Best of luck with Q1!!


3 responses

  1. Congratulations, Jill! She is adorable! 😉


  2. Congrats!!!! so precious. enjoy new mommyhood.


  3. […] Here’s a pick of me, prego belly and all (circa 2012), stuffing student gift bags on the Eve of the Exam (notice the ‘baby name’ chalk board going on in the background…yes, we went with “Willow” for our baby girl…“Willow Scott Pavich”: […]


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