Blogger…Guilty of Neglect…Baby Bjorn to Save Day

Breaking News…

Blogger neglects BLOG, but Baby Bjorn product saves the day!

The “mother” of all baby gimmicks…pardon the pun…

Holy reflux…poor baby Willow is suffering from Reflux Disease in her early days as a newborn.  Yep, she spits up…a lot…our couch has taken quite the beating as a result…

TMI???  Oh, c’mon…everybody pukes…I’m sure the new Walking Dead season is way more graphic…lol

News flash…

According to the ExitCare paperwork released at West Boca Medical, “gastroesophageal reflux (GER) occurs in normal infants.  More than HALF of all infants have GER in the first 3 months of life.  An infant with pathological GER may experience irritability…”


Baby Willow has been pretty irritable, and believe me, it has nothing to do with the Steelers record thus far…

What do you MEAN, they have a bi-week?!

Black and yellow, baby…totally applicable to the PINKY finger of the hand, folks…


Poor thing!  She’s been having a “ruff tuffy” (in BabySpeak)…she’s had to get blood drawn for allergies and x-rays for her reflux…awww!!!

Ouchie! A heelstick! Likely hurts Mommy more than baby though…

So needless to say, just when I think I have a system down for her, the nails hit the casket and my fate is sealed…

Reflux is evillllll…Happy Halloween, by the way!

She needs special formula (not available in stores), and I have to prep it with oatmeal (yes, I use the food processor like an episode of Rachael Ray).  She takes her medicines (two of them) twice and thrice daily…

Baby Gourmet…

Must. Not. Move. From. Couch. Child-in-Arms in Upright Position at all times…TWENTY-FOUR-SEVEN.  😉

Am I complaining? NOooo!  We are extremely lucky that we only have Reflux to hurdle.  Plenty of Mommies have seen their litle ones through MUCH worse so we are lucky and blessed that a few missed blog ops are the only concerns here.

(Hence the primary purpose of this post…my big ol’ excuse for slacking.  But wait, don’t you get enough of those from your students?!  Hypocrite, I am!  And now I sound like Yoda…sheesh…)

(Secondary purpose of this post?  To show off my little girl, of course!)

But back to the reflux…

Thankfully, this, too, shall pass!!!

Why do I know this?  Because BABY BJORN is my hero!  They invented the ONE baby gimmick that actually WORKS.  Baby Willow stays upright (take a hike, spit-up!), she feels Mommy right next to her at all times (aww, there is the love!), but the kicker is…Mommy’s hands are FREE!!!

Free at last, free at last…lol.

So now that we have come to an agreement, Baby Willow is all about the blogging…

I Think. I Blog. I Burp.

We’re Baaaaaaaack!!!  I think?!

To use the proper cliche, I won’t “count my chickens before they hatch,” but I’m hoping that with Baby Willow’s maturing gastrointestinal system, the improving Steelers record, and the innovative technologies going on at the Bjorn base, we should be more consistent with blog entries SOON!!

Just in case, here’s my disclaimer:  eduPavich is not in any way entitled to a quota, or number of blogs per week.  If she does not meet her intended personal goal, bloggie audience cannot in any way hold it against her merely because she is a clueless, (and nervous Nellie!) first-time mom 🙂  Nor can they lose faith in her as a fellow colleague, darn it!  Keep the faith, more to come!!

I love my new jobs, by the way…the blog one and the Mommy one!  Keep the questions coming and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely fashion!  I seriously welcome ideas for blog posts so bring it!!!!

Mommy-n-Me…Party like a blog-star

Collaboratively Yours,


2 responses

  1. #1 – She is super cute…love that Steelers skirt
    #2 – Do not worry!! We are so happy to get posts from you WHENEVER they come.
    I have been patiently waiting to hear from you though!! 🙂 We are glad you’re back and glad Baby Willow is doing better. Irritable newborns can be a real test of your will… hopefully that gets better and she is a happy girl soon. Thanks for your time. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Amber!! I hope the first quarter is going well for you guys!!


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