Peace on a Friday

Tomorrow is the last regular Friday OF THE YEAR!!! Whether you are cramming in that last lesson or kicking back and winding down, treat your classes to the joy of music…

A special thank you to Christina Gray from Atlantic High School for sharing an inspiring and ‘global’ video she came across that she thought perfect for the Global Pen 🙂 You know how we loooove music here (though the creator of the Pen can’t carry a tune to save her dear life…sighs…)!

Check out the song, “A Better Place,” by Playing for Change, a movement to connect the world through music...and this song does just that! From the bottom of the bayous in the deep South, USA, to the thatched rooftops of Thailand and beyond, this global group of musicians sings out against inequality as they promote freedom, dignity, and PEACE.

My favorite part would be the singer from Senegal…we are all the same! Get it!

Other cool clips and information can be found at their website, Playing for Change. Also, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust writes about the band’s background in this press release.

Shine On,


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