‘Twas the Night Before GP…

Research, Take Notes, Study, WRITE, Repeat...

Research, Take Notes, Collaborate, Study, WRITE, Repeat…

‘Twas the night before GP and all through the tote-bag,

not an essay was stirring, not even an Upfront Mag.


The AICE students were tucked so snug in their beds,

Dreams of scoring Band 1  floated all through their heads.


When out on the campus there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my classroom to see what’s the matter!


Scholarly pupils filing into the big test,

to see who could write at their very best.


Prompts ’bout global warming and political stance,

Human rights progress, and science or chance.


The hand of the clock ticks deafeningly loud,

only 2-hour’s time to make your teacher proud.


And what to a wondering GP writer’s eye,

but a list of 12 prompts, enough to make a young genius cry.


So they ponder their Hand ‘cuz the answer’s right there:


“On Politics, On Environment, On Technology with care!

So take a deep breath, you’ll find your way through,

just be sure to simply brainstorm and think globally, too!”


And then in a twinkling, I saw to no end,

The scribbling and scrawling of each little pen.


As they drew in their heads, the logic so clear,

a plan for their essays was now drawing near.


Their cheeks were so rosy, their grins grew in bliss,

‘cuz they knew what to expect from all the practice.


And from that hard test, they soon did emerge,

smiling wider than before, their hearts in a surge.


We spoke not a word, but we definitely knew,

‘WE PASSED THE GP, and it’s because of YOU!’


Gentle Teacher, do know…you are the inspiration,

of your students’ success,

and of this rhyming proclamation!


Best of luck to all my GP Teachers…the big day has arrived…GP-DAY!  Your students will succeed, 99 and three-quarters guaranteed!  😉  

You’ve worked so hard.  You deserve a cyber-pat on the back.  Congratulations to you and yours!

PS…I bet you’re already planning for next year in your head, eh?  Stay tuned, the test might be over, but the BLOG MUST GO ON!!!!!    I sure hope to see you this summer either at the Cambridge Workshop in Orlando, or online right here at the Global Pen…dot COM!!!!!

Collaboratively Yours,


PPS…You’s a poet, ‘n didn’t even know it!

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