The Ink is Stirring…

Psssst…rumor has it, the Global Pen is inking back into action…

Notice the magical expansion taking place before your very eyes…tab titles are changing, new courses are appearing, dated links disappearing…

BUT NEVER FEAR!  More valuable material will soon be here!

First of all, THANK YOU for bearing with me through this unbelievably busy school year.  A much lengthier, (and rather personal!) post to follow this weekend as I beg for your forgiveness, but here are the hints and highlights as to why the Pen has been so sadly MIA…

  • New AP Capstone Seminar curriculum is eating GP blogger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Nasty appetite on that one, I tell ya…
  • FSA evil is afoot (I jest, I jest)
  • Pipe dreams of GP publication slowly becoming a reality for blogger/writer/teacher/mommy 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • And perhaps the most cryptic update of them all…a new muse is in our midst…

I’ll let you ponder that last one for a while, but a very clear update on this bloggie is in the wing.

What else should you expect in the next 7 days?  Let’s put it this way, friends…

CLEAR YOUR LESSON PLANS FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS because I have a whopper of a unit for you!! 

Learning Target?  It’s a GP Content Meets Common Core Writing Standards type of task, and it’s sure to shine up your kids’ essay content while simultaneously preparing them for the upcoming, state-standardized exams!

Can’t wait to share once again with each of you!  Stay tuned throughout the week as the Global Pen transforms in size and shakes out a little ink in the process!

Happy Friday, all!

Collaboratively Yours,

Jill Pavich, NBCT


6 responses

  1. Kenisha Sheppard | Reply


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  2. | Reply

    So good to hear from you. Happy New Year from Sarasota County 😄

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  3. I can’t wait for the updates, thanks to your guidance I am loving the GP life and my students are thriving!


  4. Vickerstaff, Rebecca S | Reply


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  5. LaTrell Kielbasa | Reply

    It’s so good to see your pen back in action! You were missed!! Hope all is well! Baby Willow is not such a baby anymore, is she?
    Look forward to your new site!

    LaTrell Kielbasa. (Cypress Bay)


  6. Alexandra Lezark | Reply

    Will precious baby Willow have a sibling?? Just some musings of mine own… Glad to see you back!

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