General Paper “Best Practices” Workshop

Greetings, GP teachers!

keepcalm-readbelowGreat news…Cambridge will be holding their annual, “Best Practices” workshop for General Paper this June 15th in Orlando, Florida!  Great news, Part 2…I’ve been asked to facilitate the workshop session once again!  I sincerely hope to see you there!

Here is the link to sign up: General Paper “Best Practices” Workshop, June 2015

For the past few workshops, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach a two-day session.  With the new baby due date looming so near, however, (July 22!), I have requested to lead a one-day session this time around.  I have reconfigured the dynamics of the session to cover as much as possible in that one day, so I hope it satisfies your needs.  If not, there’s always the blog, which I’ll be updating this summer with new and improved materials.

And if that isn’t sufficient, I’m proud to announce that I am officially contracted with Cambridge University Press to write the FIRST-EVER General Paper textbook through CUP!!  If all goes well and all deadlines are met, the book is set for print in FALL 2016.  So exciting!  (Maybe drop a hint to your budget officers now to save a few bucks??)

This has always been a dream of mine and a bucket-list box to check, so I appreciate all the support I’ve received through

So of course I had to write on it!

So of course I had to write on it!

the blog and the workshops, both of which are part of my inspiration for putting this text together in the first place…I’ve had the opportunity to network with many, AMAZING teachers from here to Canada and back, so I am deeply grateful for your enthusiasm for this curriculum; it propels me forward as an educator and difference-maker!

I wish you all the best as you wrap up your school year.  I hope you have a restful, well-deserved break; I hope to see you at this year’s Best Practices in Orlando; and I look forward to continuing our collaboration into FY16!

Cheers to Summer, Workshops, Babies, and Books (and all other things in your life worth celebrating!),

Jill Pavich, NBCT


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  1. SINNOTT, MAUREEN A. | Reply

    I am already signed up, hotel booked and eager to meet and learn from you. This was my first year for GP and your blog, website, etc. saved me! I am looking forward to the workshop.

    Just an FYI though – if you go into labor, I am NOT good in a crisis!

    See you June 15.

    Maureen Sinnott, M.S.

    Freshman Seminar

    AICE General Paper

    Hercules Quad – team leader

    Freshman Class sponsor

    Treasure Coast High School

    (772) 807-4300, ext. 3909

    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are; your reputation is merely what others THINK you are.” ~

    ~ Author unknown.



  2. […] working in between sun rays and play dates!  For those of you who attended this past week’s workshop, I’ve kept my promise to post Workshop Materials.  Much of what we covered is now online, so […]


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