edPioneer’s Latest Blog Posts


Be sure to visit the edPioneer blog for awesome content and resources galore!  Click on the image to get there or click HERE.

Side note…if you’re not seeing some of your favorite materials from the Global Pen and you’re worried that these goodies have gone bye-bye forever, don’t fret!  I’m putting a fresh face on them this year!  

As you know, the rockin’ teaching materials we create don’t stay golden forever…they need updates and adjustments to stay current, and therefore, useful.  

So I am doing some much-needed sprucing up around here as I re-purpose and migrate posts over to their new home on the edPioneer landscape.  If there is something you simply need NOW, let me know and I’ll put it on my re-purposing priority list!

The posts you’ve been loving on for years will be back in action soon and looking/sounding better than ever!


Jill Pavich, your fellow trailblazer and friend

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