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Welcome, colleagues, to The Global Pen (GP, for short)!

What exactly is a “global pen” and what does it write?  Well, this website was designed with teachers of writing in mind!

Do you teach formal essay writing in your high school classroom?  This site is for you.  Do you try to instill global awareness in your students through the process of research and analysis?  This site is for you.  Do you value student-centered learning?  This site is for you.

This site is for any high school educator who is looking to take their writing curriculum to the next level by encouraging students to write about the “real” world, to consider “real” topics, and to take on a “real” approach to formal essay writing.  The writing topics they will encounter span the academic curriculum–from literature to global warming to cultural norms and beyond.  The lesson plan ideas, sequencing, and teaching methods/strategies are built to make such a massive task accessible to both you and your students.

Actually, the ink in this Global Pen was inspired by the Advance International Certificate of Education (AICE) Cambridge program, specifically the General Paper 8004 course, an accelerated writing curriculum where students can earn college credits for exemplary performance on their Cambridge General Paper writing exam.

For those of you who are new to the General Paper curriculum, this forum is most specifically designed for you.  My AIM is to breathe creativity into your lesson plans (let there be LIFE!) by serving as your humble guide as we get acquainted with this vast but exciting course.

But there are a few things you must first understand…

#1…as teachers, we are born leaders.  We endeavor to LEAD our students, torch in hand, as they follow us down the enlightening path of education.  But as we navigate the occasionally daunting GP course together, allow me to be your guide.  Sit back, relax, and don’t be afraid to let the teacher in you learn.

Which leads me to #2…I am, by NO means, the guru here.  Yes, I claim my passion for the job, and yes, I claim a little experience along the way, but I am just a humble soul who wishes to SHARE—not dictate—what you do in the classroom.  My locally famous, team-leading tagline?  USE IT, OR LOSE IT…it’s up to you to decide what to do with the ideas suggested on this page.

Thus, #3…in getting started, I hope to give you a framework for teaching AICE: General Paper 8004 to the college-bound, high school-level student.  I plan to offer lots of strategies and ideas to help you get started in hitting your learning targets; the activities I share are geared toward building a student-centered environment fit for cultivating a good ol’ fashioned love for learning.  As our time together progresses, I hope the efforts will be reciprocated.  As you get the hang of teaching this course, I’d love for us to share successes as they materialize.  Therefore, my short-term goal is guidance, but our long-term goal is collaboration.    As this site grows and matures, I plan to offer a variety of features for us to do just that!  But for now, response comments, emails, and “weekly feature” participation will be an excellent way of communicating the variety of ideas we each have to offer.

Sooo, #4?…the joys of sharing, lol. Don’t be offended if someone takes your idea and runs wild with it.  That’s what this is all about.  What we throw out to each other comes right back to us like a boomerang of enhanced creativity.  If I put a lesson plan idea out there and you decide to tinker with it, adjust it to your purpose–heck–reinvent it, well hey, good for you!  Just be sure to get back to me on what you’ve managed to recall to life so I can grow from it too.  We share with each other to inspire each other.  Professional karma 😉 I don’t know about you, but I love being surrounded by people who want to contribute, not compete; so let’s keep this in mind, ok?

Ah, #5 (drumroll please)…my approach to this website is informative, however informal.  I spend all day being a true professional in the classroom, in front of my administrators, in my dialogue with parents.  I can continue to speak rather professionally if you’d like me to, but honestly, it goes against every bone in my blogging body here.  I vow to give you the utmost professional advice I have to offer, but I’m going to adopt a conversational tone in doing so.  In going the colloquial route (we, English teachers, value all forms of tone and diction!), I hope you, too, will embrace this relaxed version of professional dialogue…take a load off…put down the red pen…and let’s all enjoy talking like the cool people we are.  It fosters a more open environment for sharing!  In fact, who’s to say I’m not writing this entry in my pj’s with my dog in my lap?!  And c’mon, you know how it is when you write an email to the English Department…admit it, you’re terrified of making a grammar or style mistake! Let’s aim to avoid such fears here because we are all fundamentally human, which makes us undoubtedly prone to error 😉  And I doubt I even need to tell you that teaching any curriculum for the first time, let alone GP, is one big cycle of trial and error/triumph!

But that’s why we have each other (awww! smiles…)!

I can’t wait to get started!  Let’s make online history in effective teacher collaboration!

Collaboratively Yours,

Jill Pavich, NBCT


NOTE WELL:  The information found on this blog contains the thoughts, ideas, views, and opinions of the individual creator of the site and these do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, ideas, views, and/or opinions of her employers including, but not limited to, the School District of Palm Beach County and Boca Raton Community High School, nor do they necessarily reflect those of the Cambridge AICE Program.  Viewers of this content are to use the information at their own discretion; the author of this site is not responsible for the positive and/or negative consequences that may stem from such use.  Information shared on this site is intended for collaborative purposes, and is done so on the voluntary accord of the participants.  Therefore, the creator of the site is not responsible for how information is utilized by participants once it is published in print.  Because of the dynamic nature of education, the concepts presented on this site are only valid for as long as they ring true in the world of education; and because of the site creator’s dedication to the endless quest for knowledge, out-of-date posts do not necessarily reflect her up-to-date viewpoints.  As this is a personal blog, the creator reserves the right to edit or delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (particularly those that are abusive, profane, or rude, but also those that do not align with the purpose and vision of this website).

7 responses

  1. Love your tone. I especially like your phrase “boomerang of enhanced creativity”~ awesome. Thanks.


    1. Thanks so much. Laurel! And welcome to the Global Pen. The compliments mean a lot!


  2. LaTrell Kielbasa | Reply

    Hi Jill. I was in the workshop you held in Orlando on June 10th. Amazing class by the way!! Your energy and passion are contagious. I have been working on my weekly and class syllabus, and I am plagiarizing the heck out of your materials on the Global Pen!! Thank you so much for your suggestions and willingness to share so many of your ideas that I know you spent hours and hours developing. I am definitely giving credit to you especially the power point and student packet, but I just wanted to make sure we are free to mix, match, revise, and retool as we see fit! Also, one question (for now!), on some of the materials such as the FCAT prep you use a specific article from Upfront magazine, and I was wondering if it was possible to access the specific articles you use in some of your examples. Thanks again so much for the guidance and support. You are truly a lifesaver! LaTrell aka Jeanne!! (but I prefer LaTrell!)


    1. Hey there, LaTrell! So glad to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement…I’m really glad the Global Pen is helpful! You are more than welcome to use, reuse and recycle. We collaborate as educators with this concept in mind 🙂 If you could kindly put “adapted from…” at the bottom, perhaps, that would be ever-so-nice, but it’s however you’d like to do it! I really appreciate your asking, and most importantly, I truly hope the materials are helpful in your classroom and in your coming GP experiences! Stay tuned because I have LOTS in store for this school year and I just can’t wait to share it! More than anything, ‘follow’ my blog and ‘like’ the stuff you like, so I’ll know what’s working for the GP community and what isn’t. Feedback whenever you can and DO send along your stuff so I can share it with our fellow colleagues out there…I’d love to feature your successes on the blog! Thanks again for being so super amazing…it was great to work with you at the training and I hope to see you again in the future 🙂 Keep in touch!


  3. Florencia Boldon | Reply

    Hi Ms. Pavich! I really appreciate your writing style and the awesome information. I was just assigned AICE General Paper for Grade 10 yesterday, and I had no idea where to start until my friend told me about you! I teach at Glades Central High School. My E-Mail address is flo.boldon@palmbeachschools.org. Would you please send me your syllabus, and any materials, tests, suggestions that you can to get me started? I would greatly appreciate this!!!! How well did your students score? I heard that you’re the expert!! Thanks so much in advance for your kind assistance.
    Florencia M. Boldon


    1. Oh, wow! That is definitely tough getting the good ol’ GP assignment late, but never fear, the Pen is here to help you! Please tell your colleagues a special thank you for passing my blog along, and also thank you for the kind words. I adore this curriculum, so anything I can do to help, I’m here for support. I am composing an email for you now so just give me a bit and you’ll have lots coming your way 🙂


  4. Ms. Pavich, you just might be my salvation! I was assigned to teach AICE GP, and I too, found out only a week ago. I have never taught the course before. in fact, I was just made acquainted with AICE with the introduction of this class. I have no idea where to even start. I was looking up ideas and information when I came upon your blog. If there is any information, curriculum guide, or anything you have to get me started, I would sooooo appreciate it. I think I remember coming across your name in some paperwork given to me by a colleague. What luck!!! Please help! My email is ghanayemn@duvalschools.org. Thank you so much!!!!


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